Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lady's Story Pt. 1

I grew up in the typical midwest, American family.  High school sweethearts for parents, a dog, a cat and a brother that I loved and hated depending on the day.  My parents weren't able to have children of their own but through sweet luck on their side, were able to adopt my brother and I. 

Growing up I was always involved in any activity I could fit into my schedule, made good grades and was boy crazy to the 'nth degree.  I loved traveling with my family and still love retelling stories of our adventures together.

Once in college, it was very apparent that I had become different than a lot of the girls I was in high school with.  Everyone seemed to be focused on finishing school, getting married and having babies.  Well, at least those that didn't just go ahead and have them in high school.  

I was different.  I just wanted to stay in school forever -- and believe me, I tried.  I lived for parties and prided myself on knowing all of the bouncers and bartenders in the town.  For me, looking ahead meant figuring out which outfit I was going to wear on the weekend and what our after-hours theme was going to be.  Marriage and kids were the LAST thing on my mind.

Fast forward a few years and the sound of an olive hitting the bottom of my martini glass, the clacking of stilettos all around me and a trip to the dry cleaners every 4 days was all too regular.  I was living in a power city more than a thousand miles away from home --still in school, still dating and living up the night while working for a fabulous S&P 500 company.  My friends were all ages, single and not one parent in the group.  The thought of children terrified me.  I was on the fast track with my company and was always focused on my next promotion.   Independent woman, hear me roar!



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