Sunday, February 5, 2012

super struggle

Later today is a gigantic game of football that fans have waited all season for.  However, only a few fans actually have their team playing in this super-sized game.  There are cheers and beers, winners and losers. But everyone is keeping an eye on the QB's to see how they try to pull off the W.

The more I began to think about the gridiron battle this afternoon, I began to think...Do you ever feel like you're the QB of your very own team?  One comprised of you, your fabulous +1, and your step kiddos?  But, unlike the game of football, the teams change.  And at some point, your kiddos go to play for someone else?  The evil team!!  Their mother's team.

The dynamic of some step families can feel like that of a professional football team.  There are QB's to run offense -- in my family that's me, protected by an incredible line -- my hubby.  And then the receivers -- our kids. But on our team, we only have receivers half the time.  

Offense and defense against their mom's team seems to be an ongoing battle.  Longer than just the 60 minutes in regulation games.  Some days we have to put our pads on in a moments notice.  Other times, like around holidays, we know we expect overtime.

But like any game, there is always a loser.  And in the case of split families, it is usually the kids.

So, today, while you're with your team, watching your NFL team, try to think about how to combine the two teams that seem to always be on offense vs defense in your life.  Let the kids be the winners and make a play to improve their chance of winning!

Go Team!



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